Plan of Action

Note: Please read Introduction first to find out what on earth I am talking about 😉

When you have a goal in mind, everyone needs a plan of action.

My first plan of action is to create myself a fear ladder (Sounds pretty cool huh??) . I will make a list of activities that I find frightening, related specifically to my phobia. These activities will go in order from least frightening to most frightening. Now, this is not to say that the first activity on my list won’t be just as frightening, but it WILL be the least frightening of everything, something that will cause me the least amount of anxiety. I am not going to be crazy enough to start my exposure therapy with something so scary that it just makes me want to give up. Here we go!

My Fear Ladder:

  1. Reading about spiders
  2. Looking at pictures of spiders
  3. Watching videos about spiders
  4. Holding a fake spider (yes, this FREAKS me out!)
  5. Standing 10 feet away from a real spider
  6. Standing 5 feet away from a real spider
  7. Standing next to a spider
  8. Watching a real spider move around in a container
  9. Holding the container with the spider
  10. Catching a spider

These are all of the tasks that I would like to accomplish. I will start with number 1 and I will post an entry showing the facts that I read about, in addition to rating my anxiety both before and after each exercise. I will continue to stay on the same exercise until my anxiety has reached a 1-3 on the scale. The first activity might take me two days, while the second activity might take me two weeks, I am going at my own pace completely. (Note to anyone reading: when I get to exercise 2, I WILL indeed be posting pictures of spiders. If you have a phobia just like me and picture freak you out, I recommend you take this one step at a time as well!)

I will be making note of any stress-relievers that I use during my exercise, noting what helped me and what did not help me (breathing exercises, challenging negative thoughts, etc.)


I truly hope that by the end of this entire thing, I am brave enough to open the windows sitting behind me! (Yes I am scared of opening the windows behind me, because spiders could get in lol!)

I will be keeping you (you as in no-one since no-one is reading this haha) updated on my progress, if anyone decides to follow me in my plan to overcoming my phobia! For now, this is a resource that will be helping me!

Kristina Marina ❤


Introduction, shall we?

Hello and welcome to my blog! I do not expect to get absolutely any followers or fans in the process of creating my blog, as this is a creation of my personal journey towards unleashing and defeating my Arachnophobia (side note: should I be capitalizing Arachnophobia?? I don’t know! It looks better capitalized so we will go with that!). 

Let me introduce myself (to myself right? Since I plan on having no followers! Ah well, just in case, here we go):

My name is Kristina and I am 21 and 3/4 years old. I live in the 2nd smallest state and I JUST graduated from college with my bachelors in Elementary Education (WOO HOO!!!) and am in the process of pursuing different teaching/assistant teaching positions until I find my perfect job! I am currently in a (almost) 5 year relationship with my best friend, my boyfriend. We plan on moving to Florida in exactly 1 year and 3 months. This all sounds wonderful and great, except that I’ve done my research and Florida is one of the top states for bugs, which means spiders……

 I am very tempted to tell my boyfriend that I am unable to move to Florida because there will be a lot of spiders, but that sounds kind of extreme. My plan? Overcome this fear. 

I plan on using this blog to help me in overcoming my fear. I will keep track of my progress as the days go by, and I will make note of what I am doing each day (exposing myself to pictures, videos, etc) and I will also be sharing the resources I use (yes I will be posting big scary pictures and videos of spiders, which gives me the chills to even think about). I will be taking this one step at a time though. If anyone is actually reading this, please feel free to take this journey with me, very very slowly but very very effectively.

That’s really all that I have for you (or me- if no one is reading) right now! I will continue to post my progress day-by-day! 🙂


Kristina Marina ❤