Phase Two: Picture of Spiders

Warning: This post WILL contain pictures of spiders!
I’m sure some people may wonder why I am warning people of this, well to me it’s pretty simple. People who have a phobia of spiders WILL indeed need a warning!!

Hello again, I will now be going on to stage two of my fear ladder, looking at pictures of spiders. 

Current Fear Level: 8

So these pictures are not helping me feel any less scared of spiders…especially when google images shows you pictures like this…:

Now I am freaking out a bit…..

So I continue looking at pictures, then I come across what looks like a spider cricket, WE HAVE SOME OF THESE IN OUR HOUSE! And they FREAK ME OUT!

Primarily they freak me out because they look like spiders, AND they jump!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but all bugs freak me out, except ants…lol

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! I hate spiders. I hate spiders. I hate spiders. Google images hates me. Florida hates me. Maybe we’ll just go to North Carolina….

Current fear level: 4

My fear is a bit still up there, we will continue with the pictures stage the next time I post!


Kristina Marina ❤



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