Phase One: Spider Facts

Hello again! I will begin with stage one on the fear ladder, I will read some facts about Spiders and I will share them on here.

Let’s get to work!!

(I want to make a note that this site is helping me a lot with figuring out how to overcome my phobia:


Current Fear Level: 6

Reading up facts about spiders in itself is not scary, however, I know that while I am trying to find information about spiders, I will definitely come across some pictures of spiders which I am not supposed to do until phase 2. I am very nervous to see pictures of spiders.

Okay so I have officially begun, and I must say, I WAS RIGHT! I am seeing all kinds of pictures of spiders, I have to breath and remind myself that they are only pictures though.


Here is one website I am currently on :

So far I’ve learned a few things, the black widow spider eats her mate after they have babies, thus making her a “Widow”. Their bites are obviously ones that you want to avoid. I’ve learned that spiders have 6-8 eyes, but no ears, as they listen using sound vibrations.

As I’m reading, I feel as though spiders are crawling on me, typically because my head is making me feel this way, but they are not! (obviously)

Current Fear Level: 1

I am no longer fearful when it comes to reading about spiders, and as I read about them, I realized it wasn’t too bad just to read about them.


I would like to begin Phase 2 soon, and I will! 🙂


So now I come to an end of this post, and I will keep you updated on my progress :).


Kristina Marina ❤


One thought on “Phase One: Spider Facts

  1. I’m catching up on my blog after being busy elsewhere in a few place and projects. From memory, the picture of multiple spiders, the one in the upper right hand side is probably the one or closest I have to attack and kill in our home. I’ve never like touching insects/bugs of any description and if I have to handle any for any reason, gloves are my first choice. So, I guess when you come to this level I have, you will be ready to claim victory. Eight eyes! Interesting. And the critter I mentioned is fasting than a speeding car in a spurt of action when I miss swatting at it. Well! I’ve enjoyed this first visit and will be looking to learn more of your progress…..


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