Introduction, shall we?

Hello and welcome to my blog! I do not expect to get absolutely any followers or fans in the process of creating my blog, as this is a creation of my personal journey towards unleashing and defeating my Arachnophobia (side note: should I be capitalizing Arachnophobia?? I don’t know! It looks better capitalized so we will go with that!). 

Let me introduce myself (to myself right? Since I plan on having no followers! Ah well, just in case, here we go):

My name is Kristina and I am 21 and 3/4 years old. I live in the 2nd smallest state and I JUST graduated from college with my bachelors in Elementary Education (WOO HOO!!!) and am in the process of pursuing different teaching/assistant teaching positions until I find my perfect job! I am currently in a (almost) 5 year relationship with my best friend, my boyfriend. We plan on moving to Florida in exactly 1 year and 3 months. This all sounds wonderful and great, except that I’ve done my research and Florida is one of the top states for bugs, which means spiders……

 I am very tempted to tell my boyfriend that I am unable to move to Florida because there will be a lot of spiders, but that sounds kind of extreme. My plan? Overcome this fear. 

I plan on using this blog to help me in overcoming my fear. I will keep track of my progress as the days go by, and I will make note of what I am doing each day (exposing myself to pictures, videos, etc) and I will also be sharing the resources I use (yes I will be posting big scary pictures and videos of spiders, which gives me the chills to even think about). I will be taking this one step at a time though. If anyone is actually reading this, please feel free to take this journey with me, very very slowly but very very effectively.

That’s really all that I have for you (or me- if no one is reading) right now! I will continue to post my progress day-by-day! 🙂


Kristina Marina ❤


8 thoughts on “Introduction, shall we?

  1. Lively, smart, creative, and very original (just to name a few)! BTW, how many people have the guts let alone the ability to confront their fears? Someone might call you ‘General Kristina’. Also, I have John’s book. Let me know when YOUR book is ready! 😀

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